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Feminine casual wear from ruckingoodshirt.com

Ruckingoodshirt.com was formed in 2002 by a group of people actively involved in playing and coaching rugby at Farnham Rugby Club in Surrey, England.

The response to the call by both women supporters and players alike for a jersey that was not an ill fitting one manufactured for the male form was the design of a range of fitted rugby jerseys to wear, in the stands, pitchside and at post match celebrations.

The brand is exclusive to women and designed for comfort, profile and functionality.

In addition to rugby shirts there are fleeces to keep you warm at pitchside as well as many other fashion items.

Whether you are an active player or ardent supporter ruckingoodshirt has a style for you.

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We hope to be different so why don't you?

Our Promise

Ruckingoodhirt has been designed with today’s women in mind.

The brand is female only, and we promise it will remain that way


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